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REVIEW- Ships, Clocks & Stars

What are the great unsolved problems facing humankind today? Flying without damaging the environment? A cure for paralysis, or dementia? Ensuring the world’s growing population have enough food, and access to clean water? To mark 300 years since the British parliament passed the Longitude Act, Nesta and Innovate UK have launched the Longitude Prize 2014, a £10-million prize fund to … Continue reading

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REVIEW- Visions of the Universe

Books about astronomy were always my favourite science books when I was a child. Why? Because they always had the best pictures. Whether it was an exploding star, the rings of Saturn, a volcano on Mars or simply the planet Earth viewed from space, the sense of awe and wonder that those beautiful images evoked … Continue reading

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REVIEW- Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist

Like all histories, the history of science has its fair share of ‘nearly-men’. They find themselves scattered amongst the heroes like Galileo, Newton, Darwin and Einstein. There’s Tycho Brahe, for example, the finest naked-eye astronomer of all time, who observed the motions of the planets with greater accuracy than anyone before him, but failed to … Continue reading