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REVIEW- Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age

Should you ever have the good fortune to meet a person who has travelled into space, what is the first question that you would ask them? Probably the same as what I, and the vast majority of people would feel compelled to ask: what’s it like? Not only the kind of question that must get a … Continue reading

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REVIEW- Ships, Clocks & Stars

What are the great unsolved problems facing humankind today? Flying without damaging the environment? A cure for paralysis, or dementia? Ensuring the world’s growing population have enough food, and access to clean water? To mark 300 years since the British parliament passed the Longitude Act, Nesta and Innovate UK have launched the Longitude Prize 2014, a £10-million prize fund to … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Bridge

It’s a well-known fact that without the River Thames, there would never have been a London. The Romans, who first founded Londinium in the first century AD, used the river to connect their new province, Britannia, to the rest of their empire, and Londinium flourished as a port and a trading hub. But perhaps more … Continue reading

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REVIEW- The First Georgians

Unless you have been living in a cave these past few months, you will of course already know that 2014 marks the three-hundred year anniversary of the start of the Georgian era. The fact that the time has come to give this particular chapter in British history the attention it deserves, after being overlooked for far too long, is … Continue reading

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REVIEW- Elizabeth I & Her People

‘A Child And His Nurse’, painted by an unknown English artist circa 1589, is a truly remarkable portrait. The baby boy’s eyes are so bright, and his stare is so piercing, it is genuinely hard to look away. He is only a year or so old, but wears fine clothes, which have been painted in … Continue reading

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REVIEW- David Bowie Is

David Bowie is the single greatest solo artist popular music has ever produced. Anyone who doubts this simple fact (and I assume there is not anyone reading this who does, but for the sake of sounding diplomatic I thought I’d say this anyway) should give Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane a few listens, and if … Continue reading

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REVIEW- The Lost Prince: The Life & Death of Henry Stuart

History just would not be history without a few ‘what-ifs’. What if, we ask ourselves, event ‘x’ had not happened: how would have history subsequently unfolded? In much the same way as what did happen, or in a completely different way? The National Portrait Gallery’s latest exhibition will leave you asking this very question: what … Continue reading